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An excerpt from today’s press release of the day, fresh out of my inbox: Please note that Mrs. Hannelore Kraft – President of the Bundesrat of the Federal Republic of Germany and Minister- President of the State of North-Rhine-Westphalia – will be in Toronto (North York) this morning, September 7th, at 10am. Minister-President Kraft will plant a German oak tree […]

Excerpt from today’s press release of the day, fresh out of my inbox: Amidst the decline in moral, social policies and culture in America, award winning Author and Professor at Vanderbilt University, Carol Swain released her new book titled “Be the People” to address these issues.  Her book is making a major sweep across the country […]

The telephone rings. Me: Hello? Telemarketer: Hello, my name is Alan. Am I speaking to the man of the house? Me: Yes. Telemarketer: Great. I’m wondering if you can answer a short survey. Me: Wait. Why do you need to speak to the man of the house? Telemarketer: Yes, the man of the house. Me: […]

Months since an update, but no sense worrying about that. After all, there are much more violent things to be worrying about. Behold a press release that popped into the inbox moments ago:

But am, you know, still writing…

…to the commander-in-chief

Rob Silver: WHAT DID HE KNOW?!