A woman can’t own a house?


The telephone rings.

Me: Hello?

Telemarketer: Hello, my name is Alan. Am I speaking to the man of the house?

Me: Yes.

Telemarketer: Great. I’m wondering if you can answer a short survey.

Me: Wait. Why do you need to speak to the man of the house?

Telemarketer: Yes, the man of the house.

Me: Why not the woman of the house?

Telemarketer: We’re looking for the male, the decision-maker. The man who owns the house.

Me: A woman can’t own a house?

Telemarketer hangs up.

7 Responses to “A woman can’t own a house?”

  1. 1 mel

    I really want them to call my house.

  2. Any idea who that was? I so want to talk to them. It would make my day.

  3. 3 Aleta

    Wait, did you move to 1950 land?

  4. If that’s the case, why did I get so many telemarketer calls when I lived alone and there was no man of the house?

  5. 5 twilight2000

    Sounds like the idiot who asks for “Mr. X”, the vet of the house” – oops, dude – since when did SUE strike you as a man’s name? Johnny Cash fan much?

    I SO want these idiots to call my house :>

  6. No idea who, aside from “Alan”. He never identified his organization.

  7. 7 Gordo

    Dude, that WAS the survey. They’re collecting statistics on the state of misogyny in Canada. You passed the test!

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