Destructive flash mobs threaten society!


Months since an update, but no sense worrying about that. After all, there are much more violent things to be worrying about. Behold a press release that popped into the inbox moments ago:

Destructive Flash Mobs 

Guest Opportunity:  John Greenburg – Behavioral Specialist, Author of “Stop Hurting Me, I Don’t Buy It!”

In the recent months more and more cities have seen an uprising with Flash Mobs.  These mobs burglarize stores with multiple amounts of participants, usually young adults.  In some cases, they even become violent.

What’s the cause of these flash mobs?

John is eager to talk about Flash Mobs, their impact on society and what causes this behavior by answering these questions:

  • Does the current state of the economy have any impact on Flash Mobs?
  • What kind of damage besides burglary do flash mobs impose on their victims?
  • What causes someone to join a gang and inflict terror and destruction upon a victim?
  • Why do flash mob participants tend to be teenagers to young adults?
  • What security does the Flash Mob give to those who participate?
  • What can society do to stop these impulsive flash mobs?
  • What should you do if you find yourself a victim of these mobs?

Meet John Greenburg

«Wrote several books on Legendary College Football Teams and Hall of Fame Coaches

«Author of “Captain Courageous: My True Story”

«Author of “The Grand Old Man: Amos Alonzo Stagg”

«Spoken at the College Football Hall of Fame

«Non-Fiction Author

«Sports Historian

Media Kit:

John Greenburg is available for interviews. Please contact Shannon Rose, Eclectic Media Productions (347) 92-STARS or (347) 927-8277, Email:

Please indicate the date, time, call numbers, and backup number with interview length when responding. 

John Greenburg is represented by Eclectic Media Productions National PR firm. Website:


One Response to “Destructive flash mobs threaten society!”

  1. Man, I hate flash mobs. They used to be interesting. Now the organizers call every paper and tv station they can to try and get coverage. I’ve never seen them rob anyone though.

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