April’s news, today


“It’s a bit of a fool’s game, speculating.”

Those were some of Rob Silver’s opening comments when I asked him in April to speculate about the next cabinet shuffle at Queen’s Park.

Well, it turns out that Silver played the fool’s  game better than most.

The final product of our interview was this story at xtra.ca, which was mostly about whether or not Glen Murray, the openly gay new MPP in downtown Toronto, would be promoted to cabinet. Silver was pretty cautious about his comments, and he didn’t dare make many wild guesses about what premier Dalton McGuinty might do.

But if you read the story, you’ll notice this:

[Silver] said that the energy and infrastructure portfolio, held by Brad Duguid, could be split.

According to a lot of reports, none of which were official as of 2:38 pm Eastern time, that’s exactly what happened. And it seems the beneficiary has been none other than Bob Chiarelli, the former Ottawa mayor who was also subject to speculation in that Xtra story.

When the news is official, chalk one up for Silver. Unless something changes in the final minutes. Then I’ll cross out almost this entire post and call it a day.


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