How bad will today’s storm be?

Today, the Ottawa Citizen ran a story on the front of its website about a potentially horrific storm on its way to Ottawa. They quoted an Environment Canada meteorologist as saying it was a perfect storm of sorts.
“Everything is at the maximum level: maximum cold air, maximum hot air, maximum unstable air. It’s going to be a big storm,” said Louis Allard, meteorologist with Environment Canada.
Meanwhile, the cross-town Sun tossed up a similar story, quoting the same meteorologist. But check out the quote:
“There’s nothing to indicate (the storms) will be super strong,” Allard said.
How bad will the storm be? I guess it depends not on who you ask, but when you ask them.
For the record, here is the Weather Network forecast and the Environment Canada forecast for the Ottawa area. As of 13:55 Eastern time, neither was predicting anything catastrophic.

2 Responses to “How bad will today’s storm be?”

  1. See — this is the problem with summer storms: They never know how bad it’s going to be. Winter storms you can track their path and see the destruction they cause. Thunderstorms (and for that matter, tornadoes) are very fragile creatures. They can cause damage elsewhere en route to where you are, but you could get lucky and the break apart before they hit you.

    That being said, I could be bias because I love to watch thunderstorms and get all excited when we get end-of-the-world conditions forecasted and expected, and then they never show.

    Also, I find it odd that the Sun was the less tabloidy about this. But that’s just me.

  2. 2 RP

    The amount and ferocity of the rain involved in Ottawa summer storms amazes me. However, I still haven’t encountered anything as consistently scary or unnerving as a prairie thunderstorm. The inky black clouds, hail, winds and lightning are an awesome. They were one of the things I missed when I lived out east.

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