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Scattered thoughts about what’s really at stake with the G20 circus coming to Toronto

It’s no secret that Canadian mining companies operating abroad have long been criticized for operating unsustainable and outright harmful mines in the developing world. Critics are usually from the affected areas, and often the claims made against companies don’t maintain much momentum by the time they reach Canadian ears. But there’s a storm brewing in […]

I found myself chatting today with Peter Raaymakers from Public Transit in Ottawa. The topic of discussion? Larry O’Brien’s voter base. We wondered who might vote for the current mayor if he decides to run for a second term.

I’ve had my eyes opened.

Today, John Baird signed into the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics— or #ETHI, as it’s known on Twitter. He’s a minister, remember, and they don’t tend to do that all that much. It’s apparently quite rare for ministers to actually do that, actually, according to this footnote to Chapter 20 of […]

There they were, stretched out ever so innocently on a riser in my apartment building’s laundry room.

I mentioned a bit further down this page that I’d be writing some from the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. You were all patient, and now your reward is at least a couple of pieces to read. There’s one from the Globe and Mail, and another from the Ottawa Citizen. UPDATE: This is […]