Leg 9: Reggio di Calabria to Sion


This leg only included two countries — well, three countries. Italy and Switzerland were the big ones. But I also flew by the minuscule San Marino, which probably counts as a country. More after the jump.

View from the sky…

Looking back at Reggio

There isn’t much to say here, except that this was quite a beautiful view (hint: keep reading for an even more beautiful view).

The big black spot

This black spot in the Adriatic Sea looked weird as I sailed over it, so I looked it up. According to Google Street View, there’s an oil rig out there (check out the white dot in this image, and a larger view here). Let me get this straight: Google’s best satellite image over a oil rig is a big, black blotch? If that’s not a bad omen…

A top-down view of the crest of San Marino

This is a look at the highest point of the 61-square-kilometre Republic of San Marino, a nation surrounded by Italy on all sides — Note: It’s actually not the smallest nation surrounded by Italy. Ten points to who can identify the smallest, without looking it up.

Farmland in northern Italy

This is simply a record of what Italian farmland looks like from above. It’s feeding my current fascination with European agriculture.

Entering the Italian Alps

Oh boy. Here come some mountains. I believe this is the Italian town of Lecco, at the southern edge of the Alps. If you think this picture is impressive, check out this panorama from above the town. Suddenly, Ottawa is just … nice.

The next few pictures document the immense beauty of the Alps. The plane wound through valleys all through Italy and Switzerland, until the town of Sion, which might be even more striking than Lecco.

Various climatic zones, from basement to penthouse

That's a glacier

The hills are alive

Swiss farmland (on the side of a mountain)

The view from the runway in Sion

The more you know…

I want to travel to the Alps. That’s all you need to know about this leg.

Chouinard, Stéphanie

5 Responses to “Leg 9: Reggio di Calabria to Sion”

  1. Vatican City

  2. I’m not even going to bother to identify the smallest country surrounded by Italy. That’s too easy. I will say, however, that I’ve always wanted to go to San Marino. It looks like a neat place.

  3. 10 points to BTV on this one. -10 points to DMC. Them’s the rules.

  4. 5 Gordo

    I found that black spot on Google Maps. Why would Google cover up an oil rig with a black spot?

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