Add your colour to my trip


Hey everyone,

This trip around the world is something of a collaborative effort. You’ll notice my friend Shawn added some comments about some of the places I’ve visited. Please keep doing that. So far, you as a reader have two tasks:

1. Tell me where I should go.
2. Tell everyone about the places I visit.

Keep up the good work.

All the best,


3 Responses to “Add your colour to my trip”

  1. 1 Sarah Lockyer

    You MUST go to Thailand, and New Zealand. Oh, and Italy. If you want some details like where to stay when to go etc I can act as a lonely planet guide for you haha. This is SO exciting for you!

  2. Unfortunately, this is not a real trip. It’s only on my computer. But it’s turning into an experiment in collaborative digital something or other. I will virtually visit all of those places (one of them today!), and perhaps one day see them in real life.

  3. The subways of St. Petersburg are deeper than conversations with a dying Kissinger.

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