Where in the world should I travel?


In the spirit of cooperation, I have a question for everyone:

Where in the world should I travel?

I am but a speck of sand in the universe, and there are only so many cool places in the world I know to visit. Please tell me where I should fly. And please make sure that the suggestions aren’t of the run-of-the-mill sort — for example, no mention of the Great Pyramids or Manhattan or the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall.

That leaves about a billion destinations, though. So have at it: Where should I fly?


4 Responses to “Where in the world should I travel?”

  1. 1 BeeTeeVee

    Micronesia (fly-over), UAE, Sudan, West Virginia.

    These are some places I know, I know.

    You could also try Madagascar, Zaire, Morocco, etc. After all, Africa is a huge country! Uh….what?

  2. 2 Maureen

    The Aral Sea? The East African Rift? The Himalayas?

  3. Duly noted, duly noted, and duly noted.

  4. The African swing will be lengthy, and it should include many of those places. West Virginia will have to wait, but it might be one of the last stops.

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