Leg 3: St. John’s to Dublin


This wasn’t an exceedingly exciting trip. I spent about two hours flying from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Dublin. It was a whole lot of blue, and I was waiting for two sights: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at about the halfway point; and land, which appeared in the form of Ireland. Here they are:

View from the sky…

Land Ho!

And then I landed in Dublin. There’s not much else to say. I’m about to fly all around Europe, so stay tuned. I’m plotting my course as we speak.

The more you know…

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the point at which the Americas are pulling away from Europe and Africa (see “plate tectonics” for more about the science). It cuts right through Iceland, so I thought that volcano — er, Eyjafjallajökull — might be on the ridge. My best research concludes that it might be (compare this map and this map to draw your own conclusions). It turns out that there is a whole lot of seismic activity on this ridge, which stretches about 40,000 miles, though there aren’t many islands that are disturbed by it all.


5 Responses to “Leg 3: St. John’s to Dublin”

  1. 1 Sarah

    I have to say, Nick you are lucky you arrived. Keith’s family was stuck on a plane for 11-and-a-half hours yesterday coming to Canada from Dublin — thanks to a certain Icelandic volcano. Enjoy your trip.

  2. 2 Maureen

    Will you G-visit Australia?

  3. It’s amazing. In Google Land, there is no such thing as a cloud.

  4. Of course. What trip around the world would be complete without a visit to Australia? I might mimic Captain Cook’s voyage through the Indian and South Pacific — except from above!

  5. 5 Maureen

    I am expecting a personal visit, then.

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