Leg 1: Ottawa to Quebec City


I’ve only just begun my trip around the world, but already there are things to say. The first leg of the journey took me from Ottawa to Montreal, and then from Montreal to Quebec City.

View from the sky

Looking back down at Ottawa's airport

The approach to Montreal

The more you know

Quebec's Seigneurial system

Quebec's Seigneurial system

I’m flying around the world and learning all kinds of things from the landscape. Here’s one of the first: the long, narrow plots of land you see that comprise Quebec’s farmland are relics of the Seigneurial system that French colonialists imported when they came here all those years ago. To this day, the landscape remains the same.

(Yes. This is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. Goodbye, any reputation I had for being cool.)


One Response to “Leg 1: Ottawa to Quebec City”

  1. 1 Shawn

    Seigneurial system? Ah yes, something I was taught me in Social Studies back in elementary school in Quebec. 🙂 I believe I did well in that subject.

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