Did a city staffer just criticize local media?


So that was interesting.

I was accidentally called by someone from City Hall. They had the wrong number, but I asked for more information about why they were calling. They said they were calling people who had expressed an interest in receiving email updates about Lansdowne Park’s re-development. Such alerts are necessary, I was told, because the park “isn’t in the local media anymore.”

I was sort of confused, but definitely interested. If a city staffer were calling around and assembling e-update lists for anyone interested in the future of Lansdowne Park, I would be impressed. But why would they criticize local media? A city staffer wouldn’t do that.

They went on. There would be about an email a week, I was told, and they would include notices of events, such as rallies.

Wait, rallies?

Yes, I was told. Rallies. And if I wanted more information, I could visit clivedoucet.com.

Ah, there it was. It all made sense.

What concerns me is that the caller did not identify themselves as a staffer for Clive Doucet.


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