Five Days: Where the Commodores come to play


Vanderbilt Stadium (photo by Frank Appleyard)

Memorial Gym (photo by Frank Appleyard)

This is what sports looks like to American college kids. Frank and I found our way into the gymnasium. After marvelling at the 14,000+ capacity of the place, we walked back through a few hallways, out a door and through a gate, and all of a sudden were standing on the football field. Now we find ourselves watching the Vanderbilt baseball team in the middle of batting practice.

Three major sports facilities beside eacher other, all on a university campus.


2 Responses to “Five Days: Where the Commodores come to play”

  1. 1 Bob Taylor-Vaisey

    Frank … great shots. Where were the cheerleaders? We have to remember that varsity sports in the US is not ony high profile, but big business. Ohio State has 100,000 fans a week … CIS teams probably accumulate that over multiple seasons!!

  2. 2 G. Douglas Vaisey

    Hey! Where’d you disappear to? After the stadium photos,
    nada! Did you go underground? I was curious to hear how
    the “pulse of America” was beating on issues such as health
    care (vote imminent) and the Republican win in the gubernatorial
    elections. When you get addicted to a travel blog, wow, withdrawal
    is messy.

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