Five Days: Waking up to warmth


The Music City Hostel is our home for the next three nights. When we arrived last night, we were met by a whole lot of young people from all over the States — North Carolina, Alabama, Delaware, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania…

It feels quite bizarre to be back here after just about a year. Not much has changed, although the office in the main building has been “re-organized” (read: the desk was moved to the other side of the door).

Today, Frank and I will head to Vanderbilt University. Or somewhere near there, at least.

Oh, the title of the post serves only to brag about how warm it will be down here.


2 Responses to “Five Days: Waking up to warmth”

  1. 1 G. Douglas Vaisey


    If at Vanderbilt U., they have subject specialists,
    and the guy who’s in charge of political science,
    news sources and all other related stuff is Larry
    Romans. I don’t know him personally, but he might
    be a source of leads.


  2. Here is his contact information:
    Larry Romans

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