Five Days reaches Vanderbilt


Frank and I left the hostel this morning and, after a couple of left turns, made it to the campus of Vanderbilt University. We spoke to Robert Barsky, the multi-disciplinary heart and soul of the school’s ever-expanding Canadian Studies Program.

We stopped in at the office of the Vanderbilt Hustler — no, not that Hustler. This one. Also of note, there are “progressive” and “conservative and libertarian” student papers here, too.

We are currently sitting in a courtyard outside of the student centre, and nearby is the famous Parthenon. Before we head that way, though, Frank and I are going to check out the football field. Which is mere minutes from campus. What a dream, sports fans.


7 Responses to “Five Days reaches Vanderbilt”

  1. I see that the Vanderbilt Canadian Studies Program is actually “Quebec and Canadian Studies” . Why not the Quebec and Ontario and British Columbia and Newfoundland … and Canadian Studies” … Well, you get the idea. Interesting that they separate one province from the rest of Canada in that way. The program deals with “issues relating to Canadian and Quebec concerns”. How very strange.

  2. My thoughts exactly. We talked about that. Stay tuned for the explanation.

  3. 3 Bob taylor-Vaisey

    Looks like it is because of the exchange program betwen Vanderbilt and McGill.

  4. That’s part of, but not entirely, the answer.

  5. 5 Deidre Kelly

    I am interested to hear your explanation, Nick. I encountered the same phenomenon when I was living in France. People there would often ask me if I was from Quebec or Canada. I remember feeling puzzled by them making the distinction.

  6. The suspense! What could this magical explanation include? Hint: stay tuned.

  7. Holy-awesome-student-newspaper-website, Batman! That’s quite intense!

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