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Answer: Time bombs were ticking

This is what sports looks like to American college kids. Frank and I found our way into the gymnasium. After marvelling at the 14,000+ capacity of the place, we walked back through a few hallways, out a door and through a gate, and all of a sudden were standing on the football field. Now we […]

Frank and I left the hostel this morning and, after a couple of left turns, made it to the campus of Vanderbilt University. We spoke to Robert Barsky, the multi-disciplinary heart and soul of the school’s ever-expanding Canadian Studies Program. We stopped in at the office of the Vanderbilt Hustler — no, not that Hustler. […]

The Music City Hostel is our home for the next three nights. When we arrived last night, we were met by a whole lot of young people from all over the States — North Carolina, Alabama, Delaware, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania… It feels quite bizarre to be back here after just about a year. Not much has […]

The trip is off to a sunny start. Frank is currently on a train to Buffalo, and I am on a bus with a wireless connection that left an hour earlier than I had planned, and which goes straight to Buffalo’s airport. Not a bad opening act. On the way downtown this morning, it took […]