Where do women get elected?


As readers might know, women make up slightly more than 21 per cent of the Canadian House of Commons. There are 66 female MPs who currently represent constituencies, as compared with the overwhelming majority of men who surround them. It’s worth asking: Where do these women come from?

  • 28 women sitting in the House represent ridings in urban, suburban or exurban neighbourhoods in Toronto (13), Montreal (10) and Vancouver (5)
  • The Winnipeg area is represented by 4 women; Edmonton and Calgary combine for 3 women; and Quebec City is represented by 2 women; Victoria, London, Hamilton, St. John’s and Halifax each have 1 female MP
  • 19 women represent what I consider rural ridings, while 4 represent ridings that include both urban and rural areas

Which provinces are represented by the highest proportion of women?

  • Manitoba: 35.7%
  • Newfoundland: 28.6%
  • Quebec: 25.3%
  • British Columbia: 25%
  • PEI: 25%
  • Ontario: 19.8%
  • Saskatchewan: 14.3%
  • Alberta: 10.7%
  • New Brunswick: 10%
  • Nova Scotia: 9%
  • Nunavut (the only seat)

A quick glance at these numbers suggests that women do not very often represent, well, most places. But they are particularly unlikely to win support in rural British Columbia, rural Alberta, rural Saskatchewan, rural Manitoba, rural New Brunswick and rural Nova Scotia. And even in the other provinces, rural seats went to male candidates by a huge margin.

For what it’s worth, the Conservative caucus includes 22 women (15.3% of the caucus); the Bloc Quebecois has 14 women (29.8%); the Liberals have 19 women (24.7%); and the NDP has 11 women (30.5%).

EDIT: Thanks to commenter (and colleague) David Karp for asking a pertinent question in the comments. I’ve added the proportions in bolded brackets.



dBeaudin, Josée

Bloc Quebecois Saint-Lambert

One Response to “Where do women get elected?”

  1. How do the women-by-parties break down into percentages of total MPs for the party?

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