… about which I’ve meant to write


Some items have piled up over the last couple of days. Among them are these thoughts.

– I recently stumbled upon this blog entry from 2005, wherein a back-and-forth email thread between Maclean’s reporter Nicholas Kohler and Liberal aide Jim Maclean is published.

– During all of 2008’s Coalition Madness, when historians and political geeks were tearing through the record to find examples of governments governed by coalitions, a few examples were cited. That which governed Manitoba in the 1940s missed the headlines, as far as I can tell. I might be wrong. Anyways, I came across this:

Bracken’s government was expanded into an all-party coalition in 1940, with the Conservatives, Manitoba Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and Social Credit all holding cabinet positions.

That seems fairly multi-partisan, and it also seems like it was able to govern with some longevity.


One Response to “… about which I’ve meant to write”

  1. 1 Neil White

    I hope this will reach Wassim Garzouzi.

    I am 57 yrs old. Lived in Ottawa all my life and I remember hearing on the radio each day near lunchtime LOLE GREEN. He had a call in talk show where each day he would pick a new contreversial topic. He was an asshole from the start. He was very opinionated and very one sided. Did not really want to hear other comments but certainly pushed his opinion on others.

    He had the upper hand. He was very abrupt with people who did not think his way. WHAT FOLLOWS IS TO BE VERIFIED. I understant that back then he infurriated one caller and cut his comments short. That caller found out where he lived and met him as he was coming out of his house and nocked his lights out.

    Good for Mr Green. I do not know why he still has a talk show and various businesses (furniture and others) Use his name and voice to promote their products. I think he is part owner of the radio station.

    Anyway I hope this reaches Wazim Garzouzi. I think this guy is a negative person not happy with himself and should not be allowed to have public air waves to voice his small minded opinions.


    Neil White

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