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I talked about how great Ed Broadbent, Bill Blaikie and Chuck Cadman were in a previous post. Here’s my question, which is quite simple: Which sitting MPs have earned respect from all corners of the House?

When I was even younger than I am now, I wrote a column in the Fulcrum quite often. I could do without most of those having been written — even my favourite, entitled “Fuck, just vote” — because, really, how useful were they to the on-campus greater good of the University of Ottawa? One opinion […]

I ambled around Nashville, Tennessee, looking for a fitting vantage point from which to record a video that documented some of the city and my experiences there. I ran into some zombies. Follow the first link for more on them.

I entered Cincinnati, Ohio and remained stuck there for about an hour. I recorded a video, and wrote about it in not-too-flattering terms: I might be knocking Cincinnati for no good reason. I might just have been trying to fill time there by recording this uninspired video. But if someone can tell me something redeemable […]

The Knowledge Infrastructure Program, at least

I was on an 18-hour Greyhound odyssey that left Washington D.C. in the early hours of the morning. I had just finished talking to a gentleman named Mel, the relation of a Congressman who felt that Barack Obama’s election — still uncertain at the time — would end up setting back the civil rights movement […]

Conclusion: Women don’t get elected in most places, but particularly not in rural Canada

… I was on a bus.

I tried my best to offer some useful advice to attendees of my session at the Ontario regional conference of Canadian University Press. Thanks to Ian Capstick, a media and communications guru here in Ottawa (and another presenter, and also a fellow Fulcrum alumnus) who exported his slides to SlideShare first, I am able to […]

Maisonneuve is worth the read, by the way. More than once. More than twice, even.