Twitter as a conversation piece


Reporting has obviously changed a whole lot since the Internet started, and so has the news-gathering process. But something else has happened. Now, as never before, normal folk have the opportunity to witness reporters digesting and analyzing and speculating about the news. Sometimes, they even speculate with each other.

Which brings me to this. On a lazy Sunday, two Ottawa reporters — Canwest’s David Akin and Maclean’s live-blog specialist Kady O’Malley — trade thoughts about when Canada might face a general election via Twitter. It all started at 1:07 p.m. with this:

Akin: Tories to table ‘report card’ as early as Friday setting stage for confidence vote #elxn41 #cdnpoli

For the next hour, the two commenced a back-and-forth discussion:

O’Malley: if gov’t wants vote on fri, could bring fwd one of the 1/2 dozen W&M for which they’ve already given notice. #elxn41 #cdnpoli

Akin: Report & W&M motion tabled Friday; setting stage for Sept 28 vote (W&M) or report card (Sep 30) at earliest.

O’Malley: no, i know, but *if* tories wanted friday vote, they can still have one. just gotta bring fwd W&M already on notice paper.

Akin: I don’t think they want Friday vote. If they fall Friday, Harper spends week 1 of campaign (week of Sep 21) at G-20 in Pittsburgh …

Akin: If they fall week of Sept 28, Harper has just come off statesman-like event at G20 and his calendar is pretty clear…

O’Malley: agreed on that, but they’ve got all options available should the situation change. whee!

O’Malley: so that would be nov 2 or 9th as far as e-day?

Akin: Arcane black arts of elxn day calculus not 4 me – but my guess: govt falls during wk of Sept 28, earliest vote is Nov 9

O’Malley: bet he won’t be late for *that* G20 photo op!

O’Malley: u know, if he pulls the trigger even earlier than fri, he cd tk advntge of thnksgiving family dinner chatter. helped last time.

Akin: Yeah but he’s still AWOL for g20 week. Hey u got link to W&M already on order paper? Do u mean the ones here:

O’Malley: yah, the ones that have been there for mnths.


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    To much “u”

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