Ignatieff has some fans, somewhere, maybe


Over at Maclean’s, Kady O’Malley just blogged about this site and pondered who might be behind it.

A quick WHOIS search came up with the following:

    republicansforignatieff.com Domain Administrator
    c/o RespectMyPrivacy, LLC (republicansforignatieff.com@RespectMyPrivacy.COM)
    PO BOX 484
    Tel. +1.8664570078
    Fax. +1.8663909061

Creation Date: 02-Jul-2009
Expiration Date: 02-Jul-2010

I’m not sure exactly what that means. But I’m assuming Ms. O’Malley will have more.

Update: She does have more, and it points to a Canadian creator.

Full Disclosure: Kady became one of this site’s best friends when she linked here the other day. She didn’t do it to be our friend, but we consider her one. Yeah, that didn’t need to be disclosed. But it was at least worth mentioning.


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