The Spenders of 2008-2009 — The Top 10


In the last post, I pointed out that Canada’s chief public health officer, David Butler-Jones, racked up the most publicly disclosed travel and hospitality expenses of any public servant. Here is the rest of the top 10. They come from all across the public service.

2. Lieutenant-General Michel Gauthier — Commander, CEFCOM (DND)
3. Marc Lortie — Ambassador of France
4. Gary Lunn — Minister of State/Minister of Natural Resources
5. Michele McKenzie* — President and CEO of the Canadian Tourism Commission
6. Suzanne Tining — Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada
7. David Bevan — Assistant Deputy Minister at Fisheries and Oceans Canada
8. Steve Verheul — Assistant Deputy Minister at Agriculture Canada
9. Loyola Sullivan — Ambassador for Fisheries Conservation at Foreign Affairs
10. Stockwell Day — Minister of International Trade and Public Safety

* Number calculated from Jauary 2008 until March 2009


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