presents: The Spenders of 2008-2009


This is the first in a series of posts that will analyze the last year of publicly disclosed federal travel and hospitality expenses. These disclosures are made by law, and every federal department (note: some federal bodies like the CBC are absent from that list) is mandated to tell Canadians how many dollars and cents their public servants are spending on the public dime — well, when it comes to travelling around and eating meals.

I calculated a lot of numbers in all of these departments and captured the spending by department, by quarter, and by personnel for the period of March 2, 2008 until March 1, 2009.

These posts aren’t meant to tar and feather public servants or departments. Much of this spending is justified. But the numbers don’t generally make their way into Canadians’ consciousness, so these posts are but a small effort to remedy that. I hope people read these, by the way, because it took quite a while to put together.

The biggest question readers might have is: Which public servant tops the list? Who claimed the most in the last year? Well, the man who spent almost $200,000 between March of 2008 and this past March was virtually unknown to most Canadians until just a couple of months ago.When the H1N1 virus first made headlines, so did Canada’s chief public health officer. And that man, David Butler-Jones, had travelled extensively in the year prior to the crisis.

In 12 months, Butler-Jones claimed $188,602.01 in travel and hospitality expenses (only just over $2,000 was hospitality-related).

In the past year, he has visited the United Kingdom ($9,591.29), Mali and Washington D.C. ($19,417.36), Amsterdam ($6,469.50), Montreal and Quebec City ($5,345.65), Toronto and Mexico ($6,485.22), Mexico again ($4,422.34), Charlottetown ($4,069.66), Halifax ($3,586.69), and Chile ($8,007.70).

All of Butler-Jones’ expenses are available here, separated by fiscal quarter.


2 Responses to “ presents: The Spenders of 2008-2009”

  1. 1 Carl

    Glad to see it’s getting posted, Nick, nice work.

  1. 1 While we wait for the next round of proactive disclosure reports to show up* … - Capital Read Inside the Queensway -

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