Ontario teachers flood CNW with releases


Seriously. Lots of elementary school teachers’ unions are currently negotiating with their respective boards, and every time a deal is reached, a new release is sent across newswire.ca.

Here are the announcements released by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario in recent days, either on behalf of occasional teachers or the entire local. Not a bad way to get the word out, assuming local and regional media are plugged into CNW releases.

I don’t know much about the climate of negotiations or relationships between the union locals and their boards, but this looks like a strategy by both sides to set aside differences and come to agreements due to the always consuming Times of Economic Uncertainty.

Peel – occasional – April 22
Peel – all – April 22
Hastings-Prince Edward – occasional – April 22
Waterloo – occasional – April 23
Waterloo – all – April 23
Upper Grand – all – April 23
Rainy River – all – April 24
Upper Canada – all – April 24
Niagara – all – April 24
Algoma – occasional – April 24
Bluewater – all – April 24
Durham – occasional – April 24
Hamilton-Wentworth – occasional – April 25
Simcoe – all – April 25
Rainbow – occasional – April 25


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