Politics makes strange bedfellows, Quebec edition


Today, the Star ran a short CP story headlined “Bedfellows make strange politics“. I’m still trying to digest how I feel about this story, but for now I can’t be convinced that it’s at all pertinent.

The angle was: Two elected politicians from competing Quebec political parties — the Liberals and ADQ — are in a relationship. Uh oh. Is the government MNA sharing government information with the opposition MNA? Are there any attempts being made to woo the ADQer to the Liberal side?

If this kind of story should be written, I think it ought to take a less overtly political approach. Talk about how the relationship started (maybe there is a funny, or at least entertaining, story), how they deal with the inevitable challenges from colleagues (and reporters), and how they even hang out after the writ is dropped. Don’t attack them for falling in love with each other. Instead, have some fun with them.

Even if that isn’t front-page news, it’s at least an analysis of political life that readers can deal with on a more personal level. Any reporter who can make politicians seem relatable, by the way, deserves an award.


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