Why is everyone so surprised about Billy Bob?


I guess people in Canada are sort of attracted to any discussion about a Hollywood “icon” who does something silly on our soil. When Billy Bob Thornton screwed with Jian Ghomeshi, the host of CBC Radio’s Q, it was instantly apparent that we would talk about it for days. Hell, here I am writing about it.

For some reason, it’s still finding space on editorial pages of one of our national newspapers. Today, the Globe printed an editorial that commented on Billy Bob’s quickly infamous performance a couple of days ago. The Globe didn’t really add much to the discussion, though.

Context: Billy Bob whined to Ghomeshi that his acting career was not to be mentioned — at all, apparently. The show’s producers knew that, he said. Ghomeshi replied that he was simply providing context to listeners and viewers. Billy Bob wasn’t impressed and continued to lazily sabotage the interview. Oh, and his band was there. Yeah, they’re called The Boxmasters. Not that anyone was paying attention to them, but they looked pretty embarrassed on the video (which has been viewed over a million times).

The Globe said that if there was an agreement not to talk about acting (even in passing), then CBC does deserve some blame. Fair enough, I guess. Maybe Billy Bob wasn’t even worth the trouble.

Anyways, there was one great line in the editorial:

Eventually, Mr. Thornton made clear that he was unhappy because the host had been “instructed not to talk about shit like” his film career. Mr. Ghomeshi protested, “I’m not really instructed.” But to call The Bad News Bears shit is going too far.

And with that, I will never again write about Billy Bob.


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