Death and higher taxes … revisited


If you’re in Toronto and read the Metro on the way to work the other day, you might have come across a story entitled “Death and higher taxes“. The story threw a bit of a damper (the headline is sort of a dead give-away) on Ontario’s intention to synchronize federal and provincial sales taxes.Here are just the first few words of the piece:

“Funerals and audio books will be taxed at a higher level in Ontario despite consumer and opposition concerns…”

I’m not an economist, so I tend to be less immediately or astutely critical of reporting that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Luckily, I have a friend named Ross who is an economist and does understand such matters.

He wrote about the benefits of a synchronized tax. Please read here.


One Response to “Death and higher taxes … revisited”

  1. I didn’t know that Ross had a blog!! I read that tax harmonization will increase the prices of women’s sanitary items, shoes, prescription drugs, insulin, grocery purchases, real estate, etc. But of course it will save business millions of dollars a year. How does that help the vast majority of us who don’t own business but purchase the aforementioned items on the daily? I don’t get why people aren’t more outraged at this. I guess I’ll have to go read Ross’ blog now.

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