Why do Canadians often belittle Americans?


Because Americans with loud, ignorant voices host TV shows on terrible networks and invite panelists who have opinions that don’t matter – and shouldn’t matter. Not even in the slightest.



3 Responses to “Why do Canadians often belittle Americans?”

  1. This is front page news today, Nick. Good catch!

  2. 2 Steve Zoltai

    Just when you start thinking there may be something good about Americans (like electing Obama) they reveal themselves yet again as the arrogant, insensitive and ungrateful people we always thought they were. Which raises the obvious question: Why are we dying for them?

  3. 3 Chris

    We care too much what Americans think. Americans don’t care about us and we don’t need to care about them. Trade between our two countries is as important to both of us and therefore it will keep flowing. They can have their full out unregulated capitalist society and they can tell themselves it is the best and most powerful in the world if that is what they wish; But look at where it has gotten them. Look at our so called boring Canadian style economy with actual regulation. We can thank the Liberals that we havn’t had to cash out any banks!

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