I had a nightmare


Teenagers ruled the now lawless streets. Ottawans were oblivious to the world beyond their homes. They hid, the huddled, and they had nowhere to go. It was always dark. The only Sun was not so bright anymore, and nowhere near as informative. Most Citizens had already all but disappeared from public view, but now they vanished — confined only to the darkest corners of the houses they used to call home. It was pitiful, and a shame.

That was my mind grapes foretelling the future without Canwest.

There are some who are counting down the days until Canwest goes bankrupt, unable to pay its creditors — and that is fine. But if Canada loses the Post, the Citizen, the Times-Colonist, the Vancouver Sun and Province, the Herald, the Journal, the Leader-Post, the Star-Phoenix, the Windsor Star, and the Gazette, we will all be worse off for it.


4 Responses to “I had a nightmare”

  1. At least we’d still have the Epoch Times.

    Could you imagine if the free daily Ottawa Metro was the most reputable publication in Ottawa, which would be the case if the Citizen was lost? You’re right, it is scary.

  2. There’s always the Toronto Star.

  3. Are you on crystal meth again? 🙂

  4. Well then everyone would have to learn French and read Le Droit, and Ottawa would become a beautiful bilingual utopian community 🙂

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