Transit in Ottawa, the dynamic week


Over at Public Transit in Ottawa, we’re on the verge of a fun week.On Wednesday, we’ll have live coverage of the City Council meeting that deliberates about, among other things, a universal bus pass for undergrads at the University of Ottawa. We’ve covered the U-Pass quite a bit and will aim to grab some comment from students, administrators, and councillors in the aftermath of the meeting.

Also this week (tomorrow, in fact), we’re debuting a new series called The Advocates that will provide perspective on transit issues from the point of view of some movers and shakers in Ottawa’s transit advocacy and reporting community.

Finally, we are interviewing a Member of Parliament about a private member’s bill. Guess which MP and which bill!

EDIT: OK, it was Winnipeg MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis, and the bill was C-333. Check out the post.

Feel free to leave a thought or six in the comments.


One Response to “Transit in Ottawa, the dynamic week”

  1. 1 Peter

    The most dynamic week in Ottawa public transit since the strike ended.

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