Former student journalists love their former lives


So watch us write about those former lives here, if you’re interested. I assume you are at least a little interested. Some of us (not me) work for Grown-up Media, while others (not me) are living in the Yukon. Follow the link to see who works for whom.


3 Responses to “Former student journalists love their former lives”

  1. That’s quite the self-fellating webpage…

  2. Hi Nick

    I know podcasts are timesconsuming and I can’t even seem to listen to them right now because I need itunes BUT I really like listening to the radio shows off the website (is that the same as a podcast?)

    anyways, great job on the show! yay!

  3. If you’re not working for the Grown Up Media or living in the Yukon, just what ARE you doing then NTV?

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