The prescience of traditionalists


Back in 2005, same-sex marriage opponents said this would happen:

Just a few short years after Canadians engaged in a caustic debate over whether two men, or two women, should be allowed to marry, the prognosticators will find out if they are vindicated – however unhappily.

The lawyer for Winston Blackmore, the man with 19 wives in the B.C. religious community of Bountiful who is to appear in court today on polygamy charges, says he will cite Canada’s gay-marriage laws as part of his defence.

It’s an argument that people on both sides of the same-sex marriage fight were expecting: If same-sex marriage is justified under Charter rights to equality, then polygamy is justified under the Charter’s protection of religious freedom.

I don’t know if this has any significance. I guess traditional-marriage types will suggest that this is but one illustration of the supposed evil of same-sex marriage.

One Response to “The prescience of traditionalists”

  1. 1 sheenagirlreporter

    I’ve always thought anti-polygamy laws would not be able to hold up in court as constitutional.

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