Some nice houses


If you live in Ottawa, these pictures are sure to make you:

a) envious,
b) annoyed,
c) distracted, or
d) happy about capitalism

Or some mixture. The point is, these are some big, valuable homes, and they all happen to be located here:


No big surprise. That’s Rockcliffe Park, the part of town where self-made men and women spend their fortunes on lots of garages, self-contained ponds, and tennis courts. Oh, what a life. Not a worry in the world.

2 Responses to “Some nice houses”

  1. 1 D.Vaisey

    Nice houses, yes. But consider the upkeep — taxes alone are staggering, but heating, cleaning, lawn and garden care — hey, do any of the owners get out their in cut-off Tees and mow their own. Doubt it. Lovely to look at, but for the ‘average Canadian’, overstatement. [Well, I guess that ruins my chances of being invited in for cocktails and discussion of the Superbowl.]

  2. 2 Nice Guy

    Well that’s a good way to stereotype the people living there. I played hockey with someone that lives there and he mows his own lawn with a push mower. Says it takes him 2 hours every 2 weeks in the summer. He also attended the same Superbowl party as me. So, just because somebody lives in a big house doesn’t mean they don’t know how to take care of it themselves. I would also like to mention that some owners may have come from less well-off backgrounds than yourself, and worked hard to live there.

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