Political parties of yore


Remember at the Dawn of Time, when the Internet was just revving up? Back when everyone was creating websites at Geocities or Angelfire, and animated images were hilariously entertaining?

Take a look at Canada’s political party websites now, and then read below for a geeky blast from the past.

The following is a quotation taken from the Liberal Party’s website, circa October 1996:

Welcome Cybernauts!

You have arrived at the home page of the Liberal Party of Canada. Perhaps you know who we are?

In fact, you may have read about us in your local newspaper, heard about us on your local radio or seen stories about us on your TV (especially if you’re from Canada). We do get lots of exposure in the traditional media…unfortunately, it’s all one-way communication. We Liberals are excited about the potential of the World Wide Web…the potential for interactive communication with you!

Cybernauts? Yes. And then there is this from the Progressive Conservatives in 1998 (emphasis mine):

The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada is working to represent the interests of all Canadians and offer a national political alternative. Through this site you can keep immediate track of our efforts, in a variety of ways that take full advantage of Internet technology. But we are interested in more than just “pushing” data to you. We welcome word of your concerns and your views on our ideas.

This 2001 welcome message from the NDP website is the earliest I could find. That wasn’t so long ago, so the message was pretty straightforward — no mention of “Internet technology”.

Thanks for visiting the NDP on the web!

Here you’ll find out what New Democrat MPs are doing to make sure there’s a strong voice for Canadians in the House of Commons, on issues like terror and justice, the environment, health care, labour rights, and international trade.

The Greens had no similar opening message, but one of the first links at the top of the page is to this 2001 press release, the opening lines of which read:

Green Party of Canada leader Chris Bradshaw called today for immediate plans to decommission the world’s nuclear reactors, in the wake of further evidence that terrorists have targetted nuclear facilities, with severe accompanying risks to Canadians.

That’s all.

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  1. Ha! Great idea Nick.

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