The other banner ad at NNW


(Disclaimer: None of this will interest anybody outside of Ottawa. Probably.)Right beside the NDP’s cheery holiday advertisement at National Newswatch is an ad for this Ottawa consulting firm/agency/team, which is actually a “strategic partnership” between two firms — O.E.B. Enterprise and Navigator.

The former firm employs Richard Mahoney, a failed Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre who had the unfortunate experience of battling against Ed Broadbent in an election.

One of the latter firm’s senior partners is Robin Sears, a former national campaign chair for the NDP during Broadbent’s time as leader. (The other senior partner is Jaime Watt, the Ontario Tories’ campaign chair in 2003 who is apparently responsible for the infamous “evil reptilian kitten-eater” comment).

What’s the point of all of this? Well, nothing significant. But this is what Sears thought of the Liberal-NDP coalition’s chances of survival after the suspension of parliament earlier this month:

I think it will look like an election campaign in some respects, but I think it really will look like the part of the free-trade debate that took place outside of the campaign period, because there will be many actors and many centres of activity. It won’t be a two-leader or a three-leader or a four-leader campaign. There will be all sorts of different actors in smaller arenas with less national attention…. That will be the ground war, although the air war — with radio and television and Internet campaigns — will look very similar to an election.

I was watching the House on Monday and I thought, ‘If the Prime Minister is smart, this will be the day he appears with several large, black feathers dangling from his lips, having eaten a very large crow.’ He could have said, ‘Ladies and gentleman, I have taken the temperature of the House, I have listened to the people of Canada and I am pressing the reset button — here is what I propose to do.’ Will that happen? No, it’s not in his DNA.

Sears also wrote a story recently for Policy Options that mused about a Liberal-NDP merger.

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