The biggest failure ever to be called anything “of the year”


One of the most insightful (Canadian) political blogs on the net is over at Calgary Grit. The author, Dan Arnold, is routinely noted as one of the smartest and most clever political types in this country. That’s no small feat for a blogger who kept his identity hidden for a couple of years while remaining an active Liberal.

Anyways, he tends to run geeky contests and name significant people every year. He wrote about who he thought was Canadian Politics’ Person Man of the Year. His choice? Maybe surprising, but definitely well argued. Arnold says this guy was the man at the centre of the most significant events of the year, a title usually bestowed upon a prime minister. Not so, this time around:

I toyed with the idea of thinking outside the box and picking Barack Obama. After all, Canadians paid far more attention to the US election than to our own. And the don’t-call-it-NAFTAgate scandal did bring it home, to a certain extent. However, I see little evidence of an “Obama effect” on our election so while his election was historic and may change Canada significantly over the next 4 or 8 years, it didn’t change Canada significantly this year.

No, in the end, the three most significant political events of the year were likely: the Green Shift, the federal election, and the coalition confidence crisis. And one man was at the center of each of them.

Now, for the melodramatic reveal:

The fall of Stephane Dion in 2008 wasn’t unexpected. It wasn’t unique. But, it was the story of the year.

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