So long, coalition?


So, I predicted not very originally that the Liberal-NDP coalition would be unofficially dead when ads for this website stopped appearing at the top of National Newswatch. Well, a few days ago the ads were replaced by more generic NDP ads.

This is obviously no surprise to anyone paying any attention. NDP leader Jack Layton, who was consistently more aggressive than most of his Liberal coalition partners in his push to topple Prime Minister Stephen Harper, told the London Free Press the following a couple of weeks ago:

It looks as though they’ll put aside those divisive measures that were making it hard for Parliament to work together . . . they weren’t doing that before the coalition.

I’m not the only Internet corner obsessed with writing about Canadian governmental coalitions. A piece in today’s Ottawa Citizen that was quite pro-coalition examined the propensity of other modernized and industrialized democracies to carve out coalitions.

The following quotation comes from Peter Russell, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Toronto. He is, to understate it, something of a veteran academic when it comes to the ins and outs of the Canadian constitution. He says this:

The prime minister did a huge disservice to Canadians by promoting a false view of how our system works … There’s nothing undemocratic about a coalition.

And that’s it for now here at Coalition Madness HQ.


One Response to “So long, coalition?”

  1. I bet it is dead too. Though the prospect of inter-party cooperation thrilled me, I am happy that the party with the most votes will usually rule in Canada (as will likely be the case after the upcoming election). I believe that in Europe the party with the most votes usually bands together with a smaller party to form a majority government, I don’t think the opposition parties often gang up on the ruling party.

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