Back behind the mic … for a day


For about 10 months ending about last May, I was one of two guys behind the mic on the Ivory Antenna, a show covering university news and views on CHUO 89.1 FM at the University of Ottawa.

At some point in May, incoming Fulcrum news editor Emma Godmere took over, and she has done a fine job with the show. Until today. The show was without a host, as Emma was unavailable. What was going to happen?

Naturally, it all worked out. CUP Ottawa bureau chief Carl Meyer joined me in studio and we presented The Second Annual Ivory Antenna Semester-in-Review. Not only was it a good time, but on 45 minutes notice we came up with five issues that we saw as significant for students at the University of Ottawa:

1. October’s federal election
2. SFUO referendum on CFS membership
3. CUSA cancelling and reinstating the Shinerama campaign
4. November’s parliamentary madness
5. Ottawa transit strike

Issues two, three, and four all took place within days of each other and the transit strike followed soon after. So it appears that November was undoubtedly the month to watch this year.

Hosting was fun. Lots of fun.


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