Two chaotic weeks


Stories like this inspire people to write. I know this based on personal experience. I don’t want to spoil much of this in advance, but check out this passage that recreates part of the Liberal-NDP coalition signing ceremony (emphasis mine):

Layton theatrically addressed Harper directly through the TV cameras. “Prime Minister, your government has lost the confidence of the House and it is going to be defeated at the earliest opportunity,” he said. “I urge you to accept this gracefully.” The interstellar depth of the cold in Harper’s eyes, as he watched Layton say these words, can only be imagined.

2 Responses to “Two chaotic weeks”

  1. 1 Kim

    God Damn.
    That was fantastic.

  2. Dear readers,
    Apologies for the bad link that was a bad link until earlier today. This story is still worth reading, though!

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