Such a great idea


Imagine waking up and checking your e-mail. You do that first thing in the morning, because that’s what everybody does first thing in the morning. After reading a few personal and, perhaps, work-related e-mails, you open a new tab and browse the day’s headlines on your favourite online news source.

Probably the BBC. Because everybody loves the BBC (“It’s so much more objective than CNN!”). You’re confronted by not just one calamitous world event, but several. And several stories — news, commentary, all the usual suspects chiming in — about those events. Suddenly, you’re overtaken by an urge to …

Check your e-mail. Maybe someone got back to you about tonight, or tomorrow’s meeting (or, in my world, that story you need to have to your editor by noon).

Repeat cycle.

Yeah, that’s a bad way to start a morning. Until December 19, you can sign up for a service at that does all the news reading for you. Five brilliant post-student journalists (and occasionally slightly older folks) summarize the day’s news and, beyond that, rail against the sources that do a mediocre job with their coverage. (Don’t worry, credit is given where due.) We get up at around 4 a.m. and work at it for about five hours every day. It’s a bit of a rush for us news junkies.

Unfortunately, MediaScout is shutting down indefinitely.

I’m not one to let a great idea die, though. Just like my friend and colleague Carl Meyer has done for some time at his site, I’m going to continue to (irregularly and not starting at 4 a.m. EST) make snarky comments about what MS calls The Big Seven. They’re the Canadian news sources that apparently matter most to Everyday Canadians who still subscribe to newspapers, and you can find them on the right side of this page.

The Big Seven are just starting points for news analysis, of course. But you have to start somewhere.

Oh, and fellow scout Drew Nelles might also do the same kind of thing at his site. Maybe. He’s a brilliant writer, so I hope he takes up the cause after MS closes its doors.


2 Responses to “Such a great idea”

  1. 1 Carl

    Thanks for the shoutout, glad you’re back to blogging. Already RSS’d

  2. 2 Gordon

    I think CNN’s pretty objective.

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