Back from the brink, for now

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December 5, 2008

In case you hadn’t heard, Canada’s politicians are leaving Ottawa for seven weeks. Yesterday, Governor-General Michaëlle Jean allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prorogue Parliament. And after the Big Seven weathered what seemed like an eternity without a national poll to gossip about, today they spilled oodles of ink on several telling surveys. It turns out that had Jean dissolved Parliament – just one potential conclusion to the political predicament of days past – the opposition parties would have entered a campaign at a surprisingly significant disadvantage. The polls, released by Ipsos Reid, the Strategic Counsel, and Ekos, all bestow upon Harper numbers that comfortably sit in “majority territory” – 46, 45, and 44 percent support, respectively. And on a range of other questions about the economy and leadership, only Quebec is overtly dissatisfied with Harper. The National, the Globe, the Post, the Citizen, and even La Presse put a lot of stock in today’s numbers. But a closer reading of these polls suggests that their reliability is entirely questionable. Respondents were sampled in the middle of the most bizarre political storyline in at least a couple of generations. As is the case during election campaigns, the more telling numbers will come after voters have a few days and weeks to think about things. Every political leader made some very serious decisions that will undoubtedly, in most cases, have serious consequences.


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